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Tiffany Trowbridge

I'm located at 313 S Broadway #2 Joshua, Tx 76058 and I am also mobile will travel to your home or work up to 50 miles ( Traveling fee of $25 and after 50 miles will be $1 a mile)

 **** Also Groupon or any other website or discounted coupons are for the services it states example say Reflexology or Massage then for those services only and not for Aromatherapy and vice versa with coupons or discounts for Aromatherapy *****


*** Effective January 1, 2016 may only use one Groupon or any other online coupon once every 6 months. If have already used one you will be responsible for difference at time of service.  And will be responsible for the difference for expired Groupons or anyother online coupons.****


***** No discounts or coupons or groupon or living social coupons on the weekends of Valentine's or Mother's Day********


(817) 507-7617 home

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